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WB Eckert - Artist/Designer


I am fascinated by the grace and elegance of day to day elements of the world, and the power that they have to signal and elicit deep emotions or feelings of connectedness within us.  The unfettered and simple flight of birds is one of my favorite and often visited subjects.

Birds are obviously physical, but in flight attain a sort of ethereal existence…freed from the bonds of gravity and by way of inference every other bond to the physical world. Their shapes are elegant and graceful as they soar and dart about seemingly oblivious to everything that seems to hold us firmly to the earth.

My birds are idealized shapes that reflect these ideas, invite curiosity, and suggest the mysterious. In my mind they point to the spiritual part of ourselves and offer a context to meditate on the mysterious connection that we feel with that freedom. I enjoy the challenge of using composition, balance, and color to enhance these concepts in my work in the medium of acrylic paint and brush.

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